Waterleat Walks & Talks is a family run business
managed by Miles and Gail Fursdon at their
Dartmoor farm, Old Walls, where they
turn the power of falling water
into electrical energy.


Runners-up for the UK Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy 2004

Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy 2004 Runners-up

Bath & West Diversification Winners 2007

Bath and West Diversification Winners 2007

Dartmoor First award winners

Dartmoor First award winners

In 1995 we developed a micro-hydro system at Old Walls, drawing water from the West Webburn and channelling it along the valley side in a leat. It then enters a long, steep pipe and turns turbines before returning to the river.

Clean, renewable electricity is generated – enough to supply around 80 homes. It is used to power the farm, with the surplus exported to the National Grid.