Waterleat Walks & Talks is a family run business
managed by Miles and Gail Fursdon at their
Dartmoor farm, Old Walls, where they
turn the power of falling water
into electrical energy.


Runners-up for the UK Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy 2004

Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy 2004 Runners-up

Bath & West Diversification Winners 2007

Bath and West Diversification Winners 2007

Dartmoor First award winners

Dartmoor First award winners

In 1995 we developed a micro-hydro system at Old Walls, drawing water from the West Webburn and channelling it along the valley side in a leat. It then enters a long, steep pipe and turns turbines before returning to the river.

Clean, renewable electricity is generated – enough to supply around 80 homes. It is used to power farm, with the surplus exported to the National Grid.

Free Guided Walks

Guided walks around our site are open to any interested group, including schools, colleges and universities. They are free for groups of between 6 and 30 people.

Each walk provides an excellent active display of the hydro system – we call it the “water to wire” walk. You will also learn about our farming activities and the beautiful, unique environment you are walking through.

Free walks are only available until 31st December this year when our funding ends. So please book now to ensure you don’t miss this opportunity!

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Talks and Presentations

We also give talks about the construction and operation of the micro-hydro system, with lots of photographs to show you how the site was developed into what you see today.

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