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Floods again

Posted in General on Friday 3rd January 2014 at 3:24pm

Like everyone this autumn and winter we have had to cope with the wet and windy weather at home. We feel we have one advantage where we live when it’s such heavy rain in a concentrated time – we live on the side of a hill! Although noisy, dramatic and it leaves the lawn in a real mess the excess water rushes past us from the field, down the track, divides up across the lawn to lap up against the house but continues past us into the woodland at speed. On the farm we have had to bring the cows into winter housing as they were poaching up the fields too much and the hydro electric scheme has to be constantly monitored to ensure the leat doesn’t become overwhelmed by excess water. The lowered sluice gate at the intake does a grand job at sending most of the water on down the river, the spillway does the rest by keeping the leat’s water level as constant as possible but with the massive floods we have been getting it is a constant concern that the mighty power of the West Webburn is kept under surveillance.