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Wildlife on the river

Posted in Hydro on Sunday 10th May 2015 at 10:46pm

We have just seen the beautiful little dipper flying out from under the powerhouse on a fishing trip, obviously nesting again under the floor above the white water that leaves the turbines. Look up and the heron will not be far away on the river patiently waiting for his next meal. Observe from a distance and watch the pair of goosanders scim the surface of the river until they see a fish and then efficiently dive for their quarry.  Walk along by the water in the moonlight and catch a glimpse of the otters once again fishing the West Webburn after a lengthy absence. With all this hunting going on providing nourishment for the natural wildlife it is clear we have an abundance of fish this spring in the river. Something we and our EA contact can verify when we recently, on three occasions, counted over a hundred salmon and sea trout smolts in our leat just before we released them down our “fish pipe” to continue their journey to the sea.