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Buildings track

Time to continue the building

Posted in Farm on Sunday 26th July 2015 at 5:04pm

At last the urgency of calving and silage harvest is over and we can organise our time as we see fit rather than the cows or the grass dictating what we do and when! Obviously we still need to be mindful of what the elements can throw at us, like today with heavy rain and gusting winds. Luckily a few days ago the weather was fair and the ground dry enough to do some more work on our farm buildings which needed a track to the straw barn dug out to give a gentle curve around the building as well as a safe gradient. Miles has efficiently dealt with the topsoil, subsoil and the ever present Dartmoor granite. All that has been dug out has been gainfully used around the farm in other places. For example the subsoil then topsoil has been used on other fields to level out areas to enable then to be machine friendly or to increase the depth of topsoil where it is thin. Recycle, re-use as ever is our motto.