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New generator

Lightning strikes!

Posted in Hydro on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 12:26pm

Just over a week ago we had a terrific thunder storm, short lived but destructive. I managed to disconnect all my communication equipment phones, computer, printer/scanner, tv etc after the first bump of thunder. Just as well because just a few minutes later about 11pm an almighty clap of thunder followed very rapidly by a powerful strike of lightening caused havoc around and about. We didn’t come away unscathed. Our deep freeze “died”, the hydro’s screener battery charger had a similar fate but the major damage was done to our big generator in the powerhouse. The smoke that poured out of it was a bit of a giveaway! Miles being ever resourceful had taken out the damaged one and fitted the replacement (which he keeps on the shelf all 530 kilos) and we were up and generating again within 48 hours!