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2 whole days dry!

Posted in Farm on Wednesday 17th February 2016 at 7:18am

What a frantic couple of days Miles and Luke have had. We have just experienced 2 whole days of dry weather this winter. This enabled urgent tractor work to be undertaken on the farms between dawn and dusk and every other daylight minute, even meals were taken in shifts to keep the tractors moving before the rain came again. Dung which has been accumulating during the winter from scraping out the feed channels in the cattle sheds was finally loaded up in the muck spreader and spread lightly on the fields which will be used for growing grass for the silage crop in June. This is a good natural source of nutrients. The other important job was hedge trimming. Under our HLS we are severely restricted on when we can trim hedges – only during January and February. This has proved particularly difficult over the last few flood ridden years as you cannot take the tractors on sodden soil – it damages the soil structure which has long term productivity issues. Roll on the spring!