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Fawn 2016

Silage hold up!

Posted in Farm on Monday 27th June 2016 at 11:04am

We expect to cut, wilt and bale our 1st silage crop of the year in June. This year we were on track but had a temporary hold up due to a fawn. Our lovely long cutting grass is the perfect place for Row deer to hide their fawns. We suspected that this may have happened as we watch out for our resident doe and had spied her a couple of times in Lower Mills Close before we went to cut it. Miles managed to spot the fawn before he cut the headland and was able to move it into the long grass in the middle of the field in the hope that when he came back to cut the centre of the field the hind would have moved the fawn to another safer field, which indeed was the case. Mean while we were able to take the photo with my had in shot to show how small these animals are and how difficult to spot when mowing.