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Straw 2016

Thinking towards winter

Posted in Farm on Friday 26th August 2016 at 12:49pm

The corn harvest is continuing apace up country in the arable areas of the south of England. This is where our straw comes from to bed our cattle down during the winter months. We bring it in as soon as possible after harvest to avoid any of the straw getting wet in the outside stacks that are awaiting lorries to transport them to cattle country. Miles brings ours in as he is a relief driver for the local H&M Retallick haulage firm. We can only get the lorry close to the buildings at Old Walls when the fields are dry enough to drive the lorry and drag on. This year has not been a problem as we have had very little rain and on a nice sunny day it becomes a family day. You can see the lorry and drag in the field next to our buildings with North Tor on Spitchwick Common in the background.