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Hail and snow

Hail & snow in spring

Posted in General on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 10:05am

Once again the seasons are getting mixed up with high temperatures first followed by hail and snow on the 26th April! We have had very little rainfall since the end of March which is unusual for Dartmoor. The river flow is falling everyday but the excessive amount of sun has been enjoyed by our cows as they were able to go out into dry fields, although they are still returning to top up their feed with silage from the sheds. We also benefit from our solar panels coming into action much earlier in the year than normal. The wild flowers have been abundant especially the wild violets. We have also noticed an abundance of bees on our heather and orange tipped butterflies who are enjoying the wild Cuckoo Flowers – supposedly called this as they flower around the time the cuckoo’s start to call. This year that is correct as I heard my first cuckoo call on the 24th April at 6am whilst checking our calving cows.