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Red tractor

Farm assured produce

Posted in Farm on Friday 28th July 2017 at 4:03pm

One of the office jobs that is on-going is keeping records of almost everything we do on the farm. I have recently been inspected so all our cattle can be sold with the Farm Assured tag. You will know this as the Red Tractor Logo that you find on British products in the shops. To achieve this status we have to show accurate, up to date, quantitive, identifiable and comprehensive records on:- emergency plans and procedures; staff and labour providers eg training undertaken; traceability eg ear tags  and assurance status of animals bought; vermin control, how, what, where etc; housing, shelter and handling facilities are well kept, large enough and suitable for the livestock kept; feed and water, adequate and suitable; animal health and welfare including an annual herd health plan, records of any treatments and plans for emergencies; bucket reared calves are provided for as they have specific needs; biosecurity and disease control needs a written policy which is carried out in the real world, animal medicines and husbandry procedures are recorded accurately and undertaken by suitably qualified stockmen; fallen (dead) stock are dealt with in a timely manner effectively and efficiently; livestock transport must be adequate in size kept clean; environmental protections and contamination control carried out by certified operators, plans kept and records updated regularly. Whoever said cattle farming was all about “working outside in the fresh air” has never farmed!