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Time to take enjoyment from the farm

Posted in Farm on Monday 28th August 2017 at 11:07am

The second cut silage is cut, turned, baled and wrapped which finishes the harvest for this year. In between cleaning all the harvest equipment up and lightly oiling it before storing it for the winter there is time to enjoy the free harvest from the farm and teach the future generations what fun it can be to pick the fruit in the afternoon and eat it in the evening. This picture is showing our grandchildren leaning about blackberries and they tell me the crumble they had for supper was delicious. During the year we make use of sloes for sloe gin, elderberry flowers for cordial and elderberries for jam, crab apples for jelly to go with pork, hips for rosehip syrup, haws for a fruit butter and rowan berries make a beautifully coloured jam. We also have gooseberries growing wild in our hedges on the farm for pies and wild strawberries to eat as soon as you find them!