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Sustainable water supply

Posted in Farm on Wednesday 21st November 2018 at 11:10am

One of the lasting memories for the Fursdon family during the 1960’s was of watching the old bungalow burning down. The fire brigade could not reach the building due to the narrow lane leading to the farm and with only a limited supply of drinking water available the family was unable to do much to prevent the total loss of the building. At the time of the fire Old Walls had a small hydraulic ram pump that provided all the fresh water directly to the farm and house but after more than 50 years of service the pipe work rusted out and we started using an electric pump. Since then we have installed a big water reservoir in our top field and fitted a water pump and hose by the house. It has always been Miles’s intention to reinstate the Hydram, using a bigger version, as the most sustainable way to transport water up hill to our reservoir tank in our highest field to keep it full all the time ready for domestic, farm or fire-fighting uses. As I write this the new Hydraulic ram pump system is being flushed out ready to start ensuring a constant supply of water directly from our own spring.