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The reality of farming

Posted in Farm on Saturday 26th May 2018 at 6:48pm

Before starting my farming life, I was given some very sage advice, “Where there is livestock there will be deadstock – be prepared”. It came home to roost this month when we had to take the decision to have our faithful and productive commercial cow euthanised on the farm as she had become badly affected with arthritis and we were not prepared to put her in a trailer to transport her. She had been with us well over a decade, had produce a fine calf every year and found a place in our hearts. She liked nothing better than having a tickle with a big comb or just your fingers and would move around to show you just where she had an itch– as being demonstrated by our grandchildren in the photo. She was gentle, trusted humans and adored the attention. She has and will be greatly missed – farmers are softies but realists as well.

Photo by Sand in my pocket