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Pease Herrish new gates

Creating a new boundary

Posted in Farm on Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 12:28pm

During this hot weather the work has to go on but the planning behind it is geared up to ensure we make best use of the cool in the early morning and late evening. Stock work tends to be done late in the evening so the cattle can cool down after being handled and remain cool for a restful night. Unlike harvest work which must happen during the heat of the day the heavier outside manual work that is under our control can be done in the cool of the early morning. Digging post holes by hand on rocky Dartmoor ground is never easy so setting up a new perimeter around our big bales and storage area Miles set himself a target of one gate a morning before breakfast. He is well pleased with the result and has been able to continue in the workshop for the rest of the day without overheating.