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Time to say Goodbye

Posted in General on Sunday 29th December 2019 at 5:07pm

Our ten-year commitment to the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme with Natural England ends on 31st December 2019. The scheme funded free walks for interested groups to visit the farm and hydro-electric scheme. Since the beginning of 2010 we have had 152 visiting groups totalling over 2400 visitors including schools, colleges and universities, history groups and U3A, many different societies and the School for the Blind GCSE students. Although most of the activity has been providing walks at Old Walls the other part of Waterleat Walks and Talks has involved us visiting village halls and educational establishments to put on power-point presentations about the planning and building of the Old Walls hydro scheme. We also provided virtual walks for the less mobile folk that were interested in what we did. We have met some fascinating people and the learning experience has always been 2-way.

We are now at the end of December 2019 when Waterleat Walks and Talks will conclude. Thank you to all who came to visit us, we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our business and home with you. Time to put the story boards away for the last time. Farewell.