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Water trough Old Walls

Water for all

Posted in Farm on Monday 1st April 2019 at 9:27pm

The new hydram is working well delivering a plentiful supply of water to our reservoir. But it became time to check all the water troughs on the farm in readiness for the grazing season. Suckler cows can drink gallons of water each day especially when it is hot and they are producing litres of milk for their suckling calf. If a trough is damaged a leak can empty a field trough very quickly. They then push it around trying to get at the fresh water that is managing to fill it again and that can damage the pipes serving the trough and lead to an even bigger leak. We found one of our very old large metal troughs, which was providing water to 2 fields, leaking and in need of replacement. We decided to put a new concrete trough in each field giving a dedicated supply to each field. Each is a heavier trough so if the water did become low it makes it less likely to be moved by thirsty cows!